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    • #faqausterity

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    •  CEDU Appeal to the European Court of Human Rights

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    •  Patriotic voice in Europe

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    •  Customs Report

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    •  The True Migrant Crisis

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    •  Say No to the Yes men

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    •  MES China Why Not
      Public counter-consultation on the potential grant of the market economy status to China

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    •  Your Country, Your Future, Your Vote

      In a few months, you will be asked to choose whether we stay in the failling Euro-land, or come out and take our place in the modern world.

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    Our charter

    • Freedom and co-operation among people of different States

      Committed to the principles of democracy, freedom and co-operation among Nation States, the Group favours an open, transparent, democratic and accountable co-operation among sovereign European States and rejects the bureaucratisation of Europe and the creation of a single centralised European superstate.

    • More democracy and respect of People's will

      Convinced that the legitimate level for democracy lies with the Nation States, their regions and parliaments since there is no such thing as a single European people; the Group opposes further European integration (treaties and policies) that would exacerbate the present democratic deficit and the centralist political structure of the EU. The Group favours that any new treaties or any modification of the existing treaties are to be submitted to the peoples’ vote through free and fair national referenda in the Member States. The Group does believe that the legitimacy of any power comes from the will of its Peoples and their right to be free and democratically ruled.

    • Respect for Europe's history, traditions and cultural values

      Peoples and Nations of Europe have the right to protect their borders and strengthen their own historical, traditional, religious and cultural values. The Group rejects xenophobia, anti-Semitism and any other form of discrimination.Furthermore the group subscribes to the concept of direct democracy believing it to be the ultimate check on political elites.

    • Respect for national differences and interests: Freedom of votes

      Agreeing on embodying these principles in its proceedings, the Group respects the freedom of its delegations and Members to vote as they see fit.

    • This video aims to highlight a sample of just 8 local issues upon which the EU Parliament has usurped the control of central and local government in the UK - often to disastrous effect. Some appear scandalous, others farcical, but all illustrate that the EU is the hidden local issue.

    • This is being achieved by stealth, introduced piece by piece until the intended jig-saw fits together as a whole. We are told it is necessary to combat cross border terrorism and crime. The EU is creating its own legal institutions and legal instruments that enshrine a new EU system of criminal law - that undermines and supersedes our own - centuries old, tried and tested legal system. This video aims to show you just a few examples of how these legal powers are in force today... and what is intended for the future, ...and how they have seriously affected ordinary British citizens.

    • What is the future and how can we make things better? Fishing Against the Tide examines what the fishing industry once was, what it is today and how fishing could be once again.

    • TTIP in a nutshell Brochure